Pornography has become viral in almost every part of the world. Many people have become dependent on pornography and are trying to get rid of this habit. Unfortunately, getting rid of pornography addiction has never been easy. A significant number of people who once get addicted to pornography eventually revert back to their old habit. Overcoming pornography demands strong determination and proper planning. Moreover, the selection of right methods of overcoming pornography addiction is as important as the will power.

The top 4 methods of overcoming pornography addiction include:

1. Deleting all pornographic materials from your system and eliminating access to porn. With the help of certain filtering software and peer monitoring you can virtually eliminate porn from your life.

2. Replace porn with better activities. Starting a new hobby, doing exercise, playing games and keeping yourself busy in other healthy activities will stop you from watching porn.

3. Most of the people who are addicted to porn watch it at night. The simple solution to this problem is to make a habit to sleep early. This will act in a dual way to relieve your stress. When porn will be eliminated from your life, you will find yourself more comfortable and stress free.

4. Spend time with your family. Porn addiction usually results in emotional parting with your family members. Once you have decided to quit porn, your family should stay up in on your priority chart. After having a tiring day at work, try to spend some good time with your family.

Effects of Porn on Your Marriage

It is not an uncommon scene that a wife is waiting for her husband in bed, but he is watching porn. He has the chance to make, love but he is wasting time just by watching sex. Why does this happen?

There are some reasons behind this. The first may be that the man is addicted to porn from an early age and his relationship is not so strong to break the addiction. Most often porn is watched to avoid solitude. Sex is not the only reason for a man and a woman to marry. Both of them need a partner who will love and support them. But finding such a partner is not as easy as it sounds to be. So, having a wife does not automatically mean that the man is not into porn watching. In this case, the woman needs to get closer to her husband, love him and try to share his feelings.

Besides psychological problem, there are some physical problems too. The problem may be found in both the man and the woman. The man may be sexually weak and so he may not have the ability to please his wife fully. It makes him embarrassed, so he wants to avoid making sex. Most men like to watch beautiful figures and nice boobs. If the wife lacks it, the husband tries to quench his thirst for this through pornographic materials.

To solve these problems, only love can help. If the husband and wife both love each other, these problems cannot impede their relationship any longer.