Wrong Impressions about Pornography


-Pornography, defined as sexually explicit materials that can cause arousal, is very deceitful. At first glance, pornographic materials may seem like a harmless and undamaging form of entertainment but beneath its core lies wrong portrayals of sex and women that are detrimental to the minds of our society, especially the young ones.

For example, women in pornographic videos are portrayed as easy-to-get sex objects without any emotional needs. This is one big lie. Women are emotional beings and their participation in sexual intercourse is usually triggered by physical attraction coupled with emotional connections. And they are not easy-to-get either. Women have built-in prerequisites when it comes to men they are going to have sex with. So those scenes in porn wherein the leading man simply approaches a lady, strips in front of her and then have sex with her is definitely not applicable in the real world.

Pornography also gives its viewers the idea that having sex with various people is acceptable. This idea had destroyed many families. Married men who are addicted to porn will usually succumb to this misconception, especially when the wife could not meet the husband’s standard for sexual intercourse, which is highly set by watching too much pornography. As a result, married men enter into extra-marital affairs which will eventually lead to broken marriages and distorted families.

Pornography will also never mention the probable health hazards one can obtain from having sex with multiple partners. For sure, in the real world, we all have encountered the acronyms AIDS, HIV, STD, etc. And we know that these diseases can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. But in the virtual world of porn, we won’t see those words or diseases being mentioned. Not a bit. And these are serious pandemic viral diseases that should not be simply ignored.

These are examples of how deceitful pornography is. So please don’t be fooled. The next time the thought of logging into porn sites or buying videos from adult stores crosses your mind, think again. Think about the wrong portrayals of porn and act for the better.

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