Why We Should Eliminate Pornography From Our Lives


-Pornography addiction is known to have terrible effects on the social lives of all human beings. The types of sexual activities depicted in pornography are usually very humiliating, extreme and disgraceful for women. This results in the introduction of negative doctrines about sexuality among teenage boys and girls. Similarly, pornography addiction in adults changes one’s view about sexuality and gives a way to negative sexual trends like homosexuality and orgies. A significant number of studies have declared that pornography addiction is one of the major causes of increasing incidences of rape among teens. In addition, gang rapes, sexual violations and child abuse have strong links with porn addiction. All this makes it so important to know the importance of eliminating pornography from our day to day life.

Pornography addiction also brings some long lasting and grim effects on the life of porn addict himself. A pornography addict becomes dependent on porn for sexual gratification. In extreme cases, one may become unable to achieve an orgasm without watching porn. This has drastic effects on the family life of a person. He or she may start losing interest in normal sexual intimacy with his or her partner. This can become the root of many complications in a relationship. All these behavioral changes associated with pornography addiction can affect your whole life.

All the above mentioned facts emphasize the importance of eliminating pornography from the society. Strong determination and the recognition of social norms combined with persistence are mandatory to eliminating pornography from any society to its fullest extent.

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