Why pornography is not good for marriage


-All throughout history, marriages have been broken. Most are destroyed by adultery or concubinage, some are devastated by wars or plagues, while others are separated by death, family issues or cultural problems. Today, marriage has a new enemy: Pornography. And this enemy can easily and deceivingly destroy a couple’s relationship.

When a husband uses pornographic materials, he exposes himself to misleading ideas that porn will instill into his mind. Example is the notion that women, like her wife, is always ready and hungry for sex. This is not true. Women are biologically wired to have various changing moods, especially when it comes to sexual intercourse. The husband will also think that women like to do what porn actresses do: extreme sex positions, exaggerated oral sex, loud false whining, etc. So when he goes to bed with his wife, he will expect her to be as hardcore and as dirty as the women in porn. Unfortunately, most wives are not. Soon the husband will compare his wife’s actual performance to the unreal ones in porn. And sometimes, physical comparisons are included. Of course, the women in porn will always have the edge during physical comparison because real women age. They gain weight, their skin wrinkles and their curves go out of proportion. On the other hand, women in porn videos or magazines will look the same, no matter how many times you watch them over and over again. These misconceptions will result into dissatisfaction. And husbands who are not sexually satisfied with their wives tend to find satisfaction outside of marriage. This is where the real danger starts. This is the stepping stone to the destruction of a sacred bond that is never meant to be broken.

Marriage is a long, difficult journey accompanied with challenging hardships, financial problems, emotional arguments and earthly temptations like pornography. Spouses should make sure they can overcome all these elements of marriage.

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