Why Overcome Pornography?


-Since ancient times, pornography and public display of sexual intercourses have brought pleasure to a lot of people, male or female, both young and old. In this generation, that same sexual pleasure are experienced by different audiences through various media like pornographic magazines, videos, and the Internet. However, this sexual pleasure could lead to serious problems and issues.

The widespread use of technology made it possible for the ease of pornography access. That is why many parents nowadays prohibit their children from having their computers on their bedroom. How about cell phones and other portable digital gadgets? These devices could also be an abundant source of such explicit content.

Research and even personal experiences have shown that there are a lot of disadvantages when viewing pornography on the Internet. Browsing pornography in the internet is surely bad for your computer and/or digital device because the most updated viruses are swimming around these types of pages and contents.

Masturbation is another product of porn addiction. Masturbating, while watching pornography, can cause serious unfavorable psychological effects. This cycle somehow relates to an individual when dealing with real life relationships that is, there is no control in sexual urges even at the wrong place and time.

The view of sex has been changed through decades. These events had somehow placed sexual life in a public aspect. There are times that this craze going on around us demeans women as well as respect for oneself. In the UK, nine out of ten children aged from 8 to 18 has seen pornographic sites accidentally and intentionally. This somehow marked the revolution of criminals getting younger every year.

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