Who Masturbates and Why


-Masturbation is a common behavior almost to everyone, even among people who have regular sexual partners. According to statistics, about 95% of males and 89% of females are found to masturbate regularly. This number is very high because almost everyone has his or her first sexual experience through masturbation. In the early ages, a baby first experiences sexual pleasure when it touches its genitals. This is the first sexual experience and also the first masturbatory act of a baby. Later, as the baby grows up and enters adolescence, he or she begins to clearly recognize what the practice means and then he or she may begin masturbating to receive sexual pleasure. Usually people only continue masturbating until adulthood, while some continue to masturbate throughout their entire lives.

People masturbate for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people don’t have sex partners or spouses to find sexual release with. Sometimes their spouses get sick or are unavailable. People in those situations often resort to masturbation to relieve themselves. People who have to test their fertilities and donate sperm also have to masturbate into cups in order to get sperm samples. For people suffering from sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation, masturbation is actually prescribed to them before having sex so as to prolong sexual intercourse. Other people simply masturbate for no reason at all except for the addictive pleasure it gives. In conclusion, there are certain cases wherein masturbation is necessary and even helpful, but if your reasons for masturbating show signs of addiction, then try to seek help.

Harmful Effects of Masturbation
Steps to Stop Masturbation Addiction