What Motivates Masturbation


-The act of masturbation has been controversial especially in religious sectors of every country in this planet. As long as it involves any act that will lead into wasting a life, you can bet on the fact that religious sectors will be there to oppose it. But for some out there in the shadows, they may easily say that masturbation should not be condemned. But do you know that for some, masturbation is a means of relief? Masturbation becomes the source of refuge especially after a painful event in life. Others even rely on masturbation to keep them at their best each day. You may find this weird but it actually has a scientific explanation.

When one masturbates, the physiologic processes that occur in one’s body lead to the release of endorphins. Endorphins are known to be the happy hormones of the body. They also act as natural pain killers. You can compare this event when you hear music playing, eat a piece of chocolate, or watch your favorite movie. These endorphins also act as energy boosters. Do you ever remember the last time that your boss told you that you got a promotion or a raise? Hearing good news triggers the release of endorphins in our body. Just like masturbation, once you have endorphins released, you feel engaged to do more things or perform more. However, unlike the other things we mentioned, masturbation takes out a lot of energy from our bodies as well.

You can’t rely on masturbation to give you the drive you need at a constant pattern. You may be temporarily happy, but you will certainly end up dried out. There are certainly other things in life where we can find the best sources of motivation. You may not know it but they are already around you-your friends and family.

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