Ways to Stop


-There are two sides to the story and defense of masturbation. One is pro-masturbation while the other stands against it. But, none of the two allow you to masturbate frequently. As over-eating harms the body, over-masturbation has its negative effects on the body. So, if are a frequent masturbator, you must control it for your own sake.

Stopping or controlling frequent masturbation is not an easy task. Controlling it requires a lot of willing power, self control, and determination. People generally masturbate when they have nothing to do. So, the first step to controlling is to keep oneself busy. If you have free time, find a hobby, play a sport, go out with your friends more. You need to divert your mind from masturbating.

When you’re addicted, stopping cold turkey might be very difficult. Take baby steps, try reducing the amount of times you masturbate. If in the past you would do it 21 times a week, reduce it to half then gradually reduce it till it comes to a realistic number. It is easy to say or to plan things, but the hardest part is to implement plan even you have all the material you need to do so. Remove all porn which may raise your sexual desires. Try to mix with more people and socialize. It might be best if you find a partner whom you can share sexual relations with. Sometimes professional help also works. In a nutshell, simply try your best to stop masturbation today; and tomorrow will be a better day.

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