Ways to Curb Your Masturbation Habits


– Every masturbation addict always thinks about quitting masturbation at least once every month. The thing that matters is just how seriously you think about getting rid of masturbation addiction. Just like many serious addictions, getting rid of masturbation may require some professional help. This help can be in any form varying from a tip from a friend or a 24/7 rehabilitation program at a sexual training centre. If you consider yourself as one of the many mediocre masturbation addicts then you only need some professional tips that can help you out in getting rid of masturbation. Some of these excellent tips are listed below:

1. Delete all pornographic material from your personal computer: Porn is the major trigger that causes people to engage in masturbation. If you are serious about getting rid of masturbation habits, first get rid of all your porn.

2. Block all pornographic website through surveillance software: By all means stop yourself from watching any sexual material either online or offline.

3. Get rid of all lotions, lubricants, or other paraphernalia you can potentially masturbate with. If these things are not easily accessible, you might consider changing your plan to masturbate just because it will require extra effort like a trip to market to do so.

4. Sleep early: Most of those who masturbate, masturbate at night. Moreover, the number of people watching porn at night is much higher than during earlier hours. So, if you want to get rid of masturbation, you may want to go to bed as early as possible.

5. Work out when required: Whenever you feel sexually aroused and tempted to masturbate, it is advisable to start doing some rigorous activity like push-ups or sit-ups. At first, it may appear a little awkward but it actually is a very effective method of controlling your arousal and distracting you from the act of masturbation. It also tires you out so you won’t feel the need to masturbate as much. Why not try this tactic and turn your sexual frustration into a built body and healthier lifestyle?

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