Violence and Pornography


-A lot of research today relate the current criminal mentality of the youth to pornography addiction. Though it seems hard to imagine the connection between these two, scientists have proven the connection through various studies. The issue of the connection of violent crime and pornography has raised eyebrows among different races and was able to encourage more porn addicts to overcome their addiction.

Pornography addiction has diverse unfavorable effects, both in the short and long run. For one , it alters the perception of man towards life and violence. Decades ago, defenders of pornography boldly elaborate that there is no relationship between exposure to dirty explicit contents and subsequent actions taken; but recently, the effects of pornography became more evident in the behavior of an individual. A psychologist from the University of Wisconsin, Edward Donnerstein discovered that erotic sexual exposure can lead to anti-social mentality and personality. He observed that most males are seen to be more aggressive and harsh when treating a woman. Furthermore, these people are least affected by rape and other social issues that are morally wrong. Furthermore, these kinds of materials attack the sanctity of the human body, as well as to the people surrounding them.

Overcoming pornography is really important to prevent these deviant acts. Self-control, appropriate treatment, and professional help should be considered in order for one to successfully resist the tempting power of pornography.

The Negative Effects of Addiction to Pornography
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