Various Negative Effects of Sexual Addiction


-Compulsive sexual addiction relates to having obsessive dependency on sexual needs for survival. This extreme dependency can play havoc with the life of a sex addict. Research proves that most sex addicts are on a suicidal verge. They have constant urges to break free of their addiction and to find peace with themselves.

Sex addicts are irritable and have a very low self-esteem. They feel unloved, dejected and different. They can never fit in with normal people. Compulsive sexual thoughts mar their quality of life, and they are subjected to severe depression and despair. Their lack of interest in their work and the prolonged absence from their homes make them antisocial, which is a matter of severe concern. Their families are uneasy about their moral and ethical behavior. Their abnormal sexual drive causes continual relationship problems. Sexual addiction leads to breaking of vows and promises, hurt feelings, divorce and neglect towards the children.

Sexual addictions influence physical health in a negative way. Sex addicts are usually involved in unsafe sex, and this can make them prone to sexually transmitted diseases. Their constant illegal act such as sexual harassment also creates functional problems for them. Their involvement in pornographic material subjects them to constant remorse and shame, and they can no longer stand with dignity and respect in front of other people. A feeling of guilt always slices at their hearts making them a prey of persistent fear.

Sexual addiction is a destructive disorder which has damaging effects that last forever. Sexual addiction needs to be curbed in order to lead a meaningful and contented life.

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