True Account of a Masturbation Addict


-Masturbation is a heinous habit of man. Before, I used to masturbate once or twice a day. So I know well how a masturbator feels and how much injurious it can be to a person.

Masturbation took away a lot of energy from me, energy that I could have spent on achieving goals in my life. It made me feel tired, depressed and corroded thinking, leaving myself feeling and acting like a social loser. I was constantly unhappy, aggressive and being unfair to myself and other people around me. I got married thinking that it would help me be free from masturbation, but it went really sour in a few years, though I had not done anything majorly wrong. I realized that masturbation has been the key to many of my failures.

Then I started to fight masturbation and get back my life before the addiction. After some trying, I succeeded in staying away from it for 3 days. You cannot imagine how a great achievement that was to me. It made me feel energized all over, I actually felt happy as though I was getting the right chemistry going, and my mind felt refreshed and reborn. This event worked like a milestone for me, and from then, I slowly achieved success in avoiding masturbation. I have not been totally free of the addiction, though, but I am taking it one day at a time. I re-established my relationship with my wife. She has helped me a lot in gaining freedom from masturbation. I have a long way to go, but I can already see the difference. I hope in the near future I will not masturbate again.

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