Theodore, a Masturbation Addict


-It is a story of Theodore. Masturbation has ruined his life and his academic goals. It has become a great problem for him. He has wasted nearly 10 months of his academic semester yet he has not been able to focus on a single topic. As a side effect of constant masturbation, he also developed a hatred for girls and any other kinds of conjugal relationships.

When he masturbates, he finds himself too weak to read and even when he tries, he feels sluggish and has a hard time understanding the text. Soon afterwards, he finds that he’s suffering from other mental problems such as feeling alone in the world, even when he used to have a lot of friends. His friends are still there but it is he who has become aloof because he always tries to be alone so that he can masturbate more. Moreover, it has introduced some unexpected behaviors and habits into his life. Life is not as fun for him as it used to be before.

He started this in 2007. For some time, it has blinded him from the reality. But now he wants to end the habit and dreams of having a decent life again. His professional exams will be starting soon. He’s always wanted to be the best but masturbation has kept him from being the best in school. He has regained his senses and has lost his hatred for girls. He is also now dreaming of having a happy married life. He often asks himself “What will I teach my children when I get married? How will I explain to my wife what a mess I’ve made of it these past few years?” He has realized that it is not wise to live in an imaginary life. The future is more important than now and he does not want to let masturbation take his beautiful future away from him.

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