The Unhealthy Lifestyle of Pornography Addicts


-Have you ever landed in your bedroom on a Saturday afternoon with no homework given, no chores to run, and nothing to do? Imagine your body starting to heat up, and that tingle of excitement is starting to climb up your spine. Then suddenly you remember that college cheerleader that walked past you yesterday. She definitely was the kind of girl that any man would want to give up his virginity for.. What about for those who are working? You seem to remember your boss’ secretary wearing the minutest skirt that you have ever seen. Her legs were perfect. She could be the best reason for leaving your wife. But going back to reality, these two thoughts are nowhere near reality.

However, you notice your pulse increasing and your breath becoming shallow. You start to have cold sweat. Some call this the horny entrance to a pornographic act. However, before getting any further with this, do you think is this the path you really want to take? Of course, after going through with this, you’re going to feel great and satisfied. But is this really the kind of satisfaction that you want to have? Reality has so much more to set on your table that could really provide you with a lasting satisfaction. There is so much more to do than just letting your groins take over a situation that definitely has so many other options if you just take it slow and think things over.

You can spend this time with your computer and search the internet for a part time source of income. You can even stir up a pitcher of lemonade and sell it to passersby. What about calling your wife and telling her that you and your kids are going to pick her up from work. You could take the dog to the park and meet up with friends to talk about plans for the coming weekend. These may sound like simple bits of options to keep you busy for a Saturday afternoon, but they definitely are more realistic than having a porn video played until you succumb to the need to masturbate and waste your precious sperm and energy on something that would not make you a better person.

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