The Threat of Pornography on Young Minds


-The pornography virus is a deadly threat posing great danger to the children of this era. Recent research showed that there are a lot more cases each year of children infected with sexually transmitted diseases than polio cases, which recorded an eleven-year epidemic from 1942 to 1953. Pornography does not affect all the children in the same manner. But if they are exposed to it over a long period of time it tends to manipulate their way of thinking, then their entire behavior.

Children are very vulnerable and are very observant too. Their brain has a tendency to act out what they have seen. If they are involved in hard core pornography, which depicts obscene and violent images, they will carry out the act upon themselves or a partner. This can be very harmful to their general well-being and can create potential sexual problems in the future. Indulging in youthful sexual behaviors also results in teenage pregnancies and abortions.

Young minds need fresh and upright morals to shape their values and standards. If they are fed the pornography filth from a very immature age, they tend to become sexual addicts. Research has shown that most rapists and sexual offenders have a sexually traumatic childhood which has instilled unethical sexual beliefs in them. They start to visualize sex crimes as normal.

Children who view pornography are led to believe that expressing your sexuality holds no responsibilities and is quite acceptable. They are unable to find the depth in the expressions of love and matrimony and relationships. Their brain is hard wired for violent sex, and this can cause them to lose their true identity forever. Our society needs to wake up and take a stand against pornography to save the youth of today.

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