The Process of Recovery


-If we try to examine how pornography becomes harmful, the concept and mechanism are somehow vague. Research has shown that pornography addiction as well as masturbation is a depressant. One key reason why it is considered a deteriorating factor in someone’s life is because it controls and possesses you. While you are obsessed, you do not know how to rationalize it.

In alcoholism, alcohol addicts tend to drink more and more rounds of alcohols because they think that this is only the way to relieve the depression, albeit temporarily. In the case of pornography or masturbation, one feels excited during the process then slowly falls after the process is ceased. Unlike drugs and alcohol, pornography and masturbation do not cause immediate pain, yet it gives a constant cycle of temporary rushes and falls.

The real concern here is how can we overcome pornography and become free from its control. Well, it is hard in the first few weeks of rehabilitation, but it gets better and easier as more weeks pass. One becomes in control of himself/herself as the process proceeds. Just like with the recovery process in alcohol and drug addiction, there is an adjustment period wherein you need to endure the possessive power of the addiction in order to regain the freedom that you desire. This stage of the rehabilitation process could be the worst and most unbearable stage. This is the reason why many addicts who vow to change for a better life end up failing and forever remain in the cycle of addiction. Even if you have surpassed this critical stage, there are still some relapses as you go on, especially when laziness hits.

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