The Physical and Psychological Effects of Masturbation


-An addiction to masturbation can cause a lot of problems in both men and women. Some might say masturbation is good; a large majority, however, say it is bad. An individual who is addicted to masturbation may lose control and end up becoming a sexual predator. This is a very bad thing as this person can think of nothing but sex. Sexual predation mostly occurs in men who are depressed and addicted to having intercourse while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. These men may engage in unsafe sex with multiple partners and may acquire and/or transmit a sexually transmitted disease. Another negative side effect of being a masturbation addict is the potential destruction to family life and relationships. As one partner seeks more sexual attention, gratification and experience, the other partner may feel neglected, leading to a variety of difficulties in the relationship. Children are hardest hit by these difficulties and may repeat the cycle when they become adults. An addiction to masturbation is one that should therefore be avoided at all costs. It would be better to stop this kind of destructive vice as soon as possible so as to free yourself from the inevitable problems that come along with such an addiction. But most importantly, to lead a life free from this addiction is to be guaranteed a happy and healthy life with both family and friends. You should therefore be content with all the things you currently have. If you have doubts as to whether you might be a masturbation addict, you should seek help so as to avoid having to endure both the addiction and its detrimental side effects.

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