The Perils of Masturbation Addiction in Teens


-Many young people today are experiencing the problems associated with having a masturbation addiction. They might be suffering from depression, excessive experimentation or be masturbating even more than they would as a result of peer pressure. As young children mature into teenagers, they tend to experiment and explore their bodies both physically and emotionally. At times, this physical and emotional exploration may lead the teenager to seek out pornographic material in the form of literature and film. They may do this alone or in the company of their peers, making it very difficult to look out for. While they explore, there might come a time when they are happy and pleased with what they feel. This is one way the

addiction to masturbation begins: because the teenager likes what he sees, what it does to him and what he can do with it, he will surely seek out that pleasure more and more. Indeed, if the teenager enjoys pornography, then it is more than likely that he will very soon enjoy sex. As youths, they will most certainly masturbate and experiment sexually with their peers. This is therefore a crucial time in their lives during which they can do more harm to themselves than good. As they grow, their urges and desires will also grow and the addiction to masturbation and sex will become a very difficult problem to control. Parents should be aware of this common vice in young adults which can become highly addictive if not stopped immediately. A young mind is so fragile that anything that happens around it will surely mark it forever. Masturbation addiction is a very bad thing to have. This is why young adults should avoid this type of addiction before it swallows them whole and leads them to a path of lust and sexual desire. The right time for them to experience sex should come when they have found the right partner in life and are married to that partner.

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