The Negative Side Effects of Excessive Masturbation


-Medically, masturbation is accepted as a healthy behavior since we, humans, are sexual beings. Moreover, the male species of the Homo sapiens are biologically programmed for attraction, hormonal urges, erection and ejaculation. But a normal, healthy behavior can sometimes lead to harmful physical and psychological side effects when done excessively.

Too much masturbation, for example, can have various side effects to a man’s body. The most evident effect is fatigue, since masturbation can be tiring and this can sometimes be accompanied with lower back pains. Also, men who masturbate often tend to ejaculate early during actual sexual intercourse. Many can attest to this experience. Other possible physical effects are testicular pains, pelvic cramps, and groin muscular aches. In rare cases, excessive masturbation can result into weaker erections, uncontrollable semen leakage, hair loss and blurry eyesight. These are just a few of the scientifically proven physiological side effects of masturbation. Psychologically, when you become addicted to masturbation, you will feel shame, self-disappointment and guilt. These three feelings of self-degradation can lower one’s self-esteem and are common causes for psychosomatic illnesses. Besides that, there are studies showing that excessive masturbation can decrease a man’s sensitivity to touch, increase aggressiveness, and heighten temper problems.

All these side effects should lead us to the conclusion that although masturbation maybe a part of human nature, we should make sure we never get addicted to it.

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