The Negative Effects of Child Pornography


-Child pornography can be defined as the depiction of sexually illicit acts with a child that can either be computer generated or in the form of video or film. It is one of the fastest growing sexual crimes committed by virile pedophiles who victimize prepubescent children or minors. Some pedophiles even go to the abusive length of having explicit sexual acts with infants and toddlers.

Most child pornography victims nurture a feeling of revenge and hatred towards mankind, and this often leads them to commit offensive crimes to exact their vengeance. Any experience that scars their young innocent lives can become a curse for the rest of their lives. For the reason that children are known to be impressionable and they absorb emotions, feelings and experiences like a sponge, their past experience leaves traumatizing and lasting effects that make their life a difficult challenge. They are continually tormented by abusive memories. Their mental growth is retarded, and they usually have very low self-esteem. Children involved in the heinous crime of child pornography are always behind in their studies.

They are not very comfortable with human contact, and even in later life stages, they find it impossible to establish a personal and intimate relationship with another person. They feel terrified, unnerved and doubtful to everyone. Their brutal experiences never break them free of the vicious images and this causes listless behavior. Instead of a positive outlook, they always are stuck at the negative side life because of their past experience. Their only solace lies in discussing the problem with a religious leader or a psychiatrist who can show them the path to liberty from their grave trial.

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