The Negative Beliefs Created by Pornography


-When you begin to rest your life on something unacceptable and unorthodox such as porn, the way you see things begins to change. Your priorities and responsibilities change. You begin to grow expectations that are based on the wrong principles of life. Imagine that you have a girlfriend or wife. The more you indulge on pornographic activities such as watching porn, you begin to change the way you see your girlfriend or wife as well. You begin to compare and see things differently but incorrectly. You begin to have your standards too high for your girlfriend or wife to reach. You can never have a wife or girlfriend that can do everything that you see on porn, unless you actually get in a relationship or marry a porn star.

Don’t you think you are being unfair? Don’t you think that you are already forgetting and losing the reason why you ever entered the relationship? What about if it involves your daughter, sister, or mother? Do you think that you still get to have the same level of respect for them after getting entangled with porn? If yes, then what about your thoughts and the way you let things and images run in your mind? The point of doing something bad does not rest only on what is done but also on what is being said and thought of. You can’t expect the real life to be the same as what you see or experience in your pornographic acts. The harsh reality is that porn will never be part of life’s vital aspects.

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