The Many Benefits of Breaking Masturbation Addiction


-Masturbation is something that almost everyone has experienced in his/her life at least once. Masturbating a few times a week might not cast any long-lasting adverse effects on your body, but it becomes a huge issue when one becomes addicted to masturbation. In this situation, one cannot help himself from masturbating. This might result in embarrassing situations when one starts masturbating in a classroom, in the rest rooms of an office, or even at home when family members are present. Sexual education recommends breaking masturbation addiction before such complications arise, bringing long-term damage to you.

Masturbation addiction is frequently associated with many side effects that include: premature ejaculation, decreased number of sperm per ejaculation, penile and urethral injuries, fatigue, loss of self-esteem, back pains, dragging sensation in the testes, brittle and fragile hair, and loss of apatite. This is why breaking masturbation addiction is advised by all physicians.

Masturbation addiction is one of the most common enemies of healthy relationships with your partner. Breaking masturbation addiction will result in improvement in your relationships with your partner. Furthermore, you will also notice an improvement in your sexual performance. You partner will start enjoying your company and will find you a better man with enhanced confidence and composed personality.

Breaking masturbation addiction will save you from many embarrassing moments, multiple side effects, poor performance with your partner and permanent feeling of guilt. If you too are thinking about breaking masturbation addiction, the best time for it is the first time you think about it. Good luck.

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