The Lure of Masturbation


-A significant proportion of the world’s population masturbates regularly. Some even masturbate several times a day. Studies say that at any moment in a day 5 in 10 people are thinking about sex in one way or another. Not everyone has a partner to share their sexual desires with. This causes sexual repression and in turn is a way to masturbation. Masturbation is said to be the most common and most repeated sexual activity.

Masturbation is considered taboo in almost all societies and justification for this act isn’t widely accepted. Many religions consider masturbation a sinful, disgusting act and preach that it should be avoided at all costs. This is probably the main reason why people who masturbate feel guilty. It is highly embarrassing to be caught masturbating and this may possibly result in depression. The sensation of disgrace and guilt that is felt after the act of masturbation can also be explained in the medical terms. When a heavy load of lustful emotions are released in the form of an orgasm, one’s sexual demands become totally fulfilled. This is the time when one starts to think that he or she should have dealt with these emotions in a much better way.

You too can stop masturbating if you realize all facts mentioned above. Masturbation, associated with porn, is not only a sinful act but also brings forth negative effects on your social life. If you know the normal physiology of mounting up of sexual desires you will find out that it is just the hormones flowing in your veins. This way you can understand and find an easier way to prevent addiction to masturbation.

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