The Lies Which Come With Pornography


-Pornography plays on the shallow perspectives of lies and it is made to sell not educate. Pornography depicts sex as something you can have anywhere, anyplace and with anyone without any strings attached. It hides the blunt truths like pregnancies, responsibilities towards children, relationship building with wife etc. It uses the selling technique showing women as playthings or pets and not real human beings. Pornography mystifies sex and suggests that adding brutality and violence to sex makes it more enjoyable. Where porn shows that women enjoy being hurt and raped; this is entirely false where real women are concerned. Women do not like to be handled with cutting cruelty. They desire love and caring from the man they love.

Pornography women are dressed up as young girls representing that it is normal for men to have sex with young girls and children. This is a criminal selling technique because child pornography is illegal and comes under an international sexual crime. Pornography paints the institute of prostitution in a very glamorous light and men are made to think that having sex with a prostitute is a unique adventure. However, prostitutes are usually young girls with a sexually abused past and which earn money to cope with their financial crisis.

Pornography stresses on the body of the women and not the real character behind it. It gives the message that if a woman’s body is not attractive she is not worth the attention. It omits all references to her character, her standing in life and her morals. Porn women are depicted as sexual objects that are worth the scorn and degradation. However, in real life women cannot bear to be in a relationship where they are not given due respect. The whole pornography business is a fabrication of lies and conjecture which is why it can entrap men so easily.

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