The Internet’s Contribution to Pornography


-Pornography is one of those things that kids these days just grow up with. Before, pornography was not as easy to enjoy. It is also no secret these days that the Net is used for pornography-and on an astronomical scale! With the ease by which you can view porn, getting hooked on it is not difficult at all. Imagine, with literally one click, all the sexual fantasies you can ever think of can be yours, even for a few minutes. Then you go on the next site. And then to the next link. Pornography addiction is something you can pick up quickly. Sadly, getting off the habit is just as hard.

Maybe, as kids, pornography addiction was something controllable. Sure, it took a lot of your time, but at it was not destructive like your case now. A a grown man, with his own life and probably even family, still addicted to masturbating is surely disappointing to anyone. Pornography cannot be avoided, this is true. However, the decision to view it and enjoy your happy hour to the fullest does not jive well with your current responsibilities and priorities. Simply said, being addicted to porn is not cool.

Control urges since these are only destructive once action is taken to do something about them. What goes on in your head is your business and no one else’s. Addiction to pornography is difficult to break and even admit. Realize the problem first and your own self will find a way to stop this selfish and pointless addiction.

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