The Importance of Avoiding Pornography


-Some people think that porn watching is totally a personal affair since it is viewed alone, so it may not harm anyone. In reality, porn watching can harm both the porn viewer and the people around him or the whole society.

Porn is created only to entertain us; there is nothing real in it. Porn is just a make-believe world meant to deceive porn addicts and porn patrons to get more money out of them. It is a web of sexual fantasies created to be a substitute for real, normal relationships.

Through frequent viewing, the individual gets hooked on various pornographic videos and bizarre sexual acts. Many of these porn movies portray sexual violence where women get beaten, raped, abducted, abused, molested at a public place, compelled to do such jobs which they don’t want to do, and made to perform lewd sexual acts. Watching this type of movie regularly makes a permanent impression on a man’s mind and consequently he tries to imitate these with his partner.

Some unripe and immature men think that like the women in the video every girl will like to have sex in those styles. They are so foolish that they cannot make a difference between fantasy and reality. This often causes sexual violence. When a porn addict has sex with his partner, he applies what he sees on porn videos to his partner. However, a normal woman does not like do this kind of sexual acts, prompting the addict to get mad and even hurt his partner. If the situation is not remedied, the couple will eventually part ways.

Reasoning Behind Pornography Addiction
Employing Faith in Quitting Porn