The Hideous Side Effects of Masturbation


-Masturbation, also known as self-sex and self-pleasuring, is an issue of every guy on this planet. The intense pleasure brought about by masturbation is the main reason that this becomes a compulsive activity. Many medical professionals state that masturbating a few times a week is harmless physically. But psychologically, frequent masturbation is considered as a psychological disorder. Avoidant syndrome is a type of psychological disease in which the patients start masturbating all the time.

Every time one masturbates, 140 million live cells of your body, called sperms, are lost from your body. There is common concept that masturbation helps in preventing prostate cancer. Well, the benefits associated with masturbation are not well accepted as a study carried out in 2008 showed that there is no role of masturbation in preventing prostrate cancer.

Coming to the adverse effects of frequent masturbation, the social and psychological side effects of masturbation are well searched. Different studies have shown that frequent masturbation is associated with decreased sperm count, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation disorder. All these physical problems make your sex life quite terrible. On the other hand, those who masturbate frequently, complain of dragging sensation in testes, early baldness and fatigue.

Masturbation in girls is not without its problems. Frequent clitoral manipulation results in decreased frequency of orgasms. This makes it difficult to get an orgasm during normal sexual intercourse. Those women who masturbate with different objects and toys are several times more likely to hurt themselves. Frequent use of sex toys cast some permanent damages to the female genitalia thus, hampering the adequate satisfaction from normal activities.

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