The Harmful Effects of Masturbation


-Masturbation is an act of ejaculation or sexual excitement which is brought on other than normal sexual intercourse. It is practiced on one’s self by one’s own hands. Excessive masturbation, one that is practiced is more than four times weekly, can cause detrimental effects on a man’s sexual and physical health.

The body suffers intense weakness and is subjected to intense fatigue on the slightest exertion. The person experiences constant backaches and headaches and feels overtired. Frequent masturbation is the main reason of erectile dysfunction in men after their married life. This leads to low libido and subdued sexual arousals, which can cause great problems in relationships with the opposite sex. Constant masturbation is also hazardous as young boys are not capable of understanding the proper functions of sexual organs and misusing them for a longer period of time can cause many lifelong weaknesses. It can devastate the manliness of the person and render him incapable of bearing children. Impaired vision and loss of memory are also reported by people who practice frequent masturbation.

Young preadolescent boys need to be under constant guardianship to prevent continual sexual excitement that eventually leads to masturbation. They should never be allowed to sit in seclusion or to access the Internet in private. The hormonal ups and downs in boys are a great temptation to indulge in masturbation and once started, it is a very addictive habit to give up. Masturbation can also pave the way for other forms of sexual addictions to derive more and more sexual pleasure that is why limiting this habit in the raw age is vital for a strong physical health in the future.

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