The Good and Bad Effects of Masturbation on a Relationship


-The effect of masturbation on a relationship is a controversial issue. Some specialists think masturbation helps make a good and healthy relationship while others find it harms a healthy relationship if you are a regular masturbator.

One side holds the view of the positive side of masturbation. They think masturbation is a natural part of a sexual relationship. Masturbation is a great way to find out what arouses your partner. Sometimes, your sex partner may not be in the mood for sexual intercourse when you are. In cases such as those, masturbation may be a good way to relieve your sexual tension. Generally, not everyone has similar sexual drives. One partner often has a stronger drive than the other. To deal with a stronger sexual drive, masturbation can help level the couple. Mutual masturbation is also practiced by couples to prevent pregnancies or the passage of sexually transmitted diseases. It’s also a great way to spice up the sex life of a couple.

On the other side of the spectrum, other experts view masturbation as harmful and also for good reason. Masturbation is a rather selfish process. It does not require a partner. You can just imagine a sexual partner and stimulate yourself even without having a partner present. Thus, some people find that they resort to masturbation rather than looking for a partner. Men also cannot usually ejaculate too many times in a day and when they masturbate too often, they may not be as into the actual sex with their partner as they should be.

So, masturbation in some cases can help build a good relationship with a partner while other times, it can destroy a relationship and maybe even prevent a person from looking for a relationship altogether.

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