The First Step to Prevention: Minimizing Masturbation Frequency


-If you are a regular masturbator and struggling to quit this bad habit, then you may try to narrow down masturbation frequency. Generally, people used to masturbate at night when they go to bed. At this time, they lie down and begin to relax. They feel tired and have nothing to do but think. Basically, people can’t hardly avoid thinking about sex and porn, and ultimately masturbate. One of the primary reasons why they do this is to relieve stress and just go to sleep. Finding the most struggling time for you to stop masturbation will be very helpful to reduce it from your life. If it is during nighttime before going to bed, then think of other things instead of masturbating. Exercising will also help you burn some testosterone before going to bed and the chances of falling asleep faster are increased. As you fall asleep faster, you will have less time to think about porn and masturbation.

For some people, the opportune time to masturbate is when they take bath. If it is your problem too, there may some options to remove it. Make your showers shorter and occupy yourself by singing, instead of masturbating. Without bathing in a bathroom, you may go to a public swimming pool as in front of others you will not be able to think about masturbating. If is it another time of the day when you feel the urge to masturbate, think of some other things to keep yourself busy.

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