The Ethical Values that Plague the Pornography Industry


-The pornography industry has gained much attention in the world of politics and religion. Nowadays, pornography is considered a serious ethical issue that one should take part in. It is an ethical issue because it points and affects the very values and essence of our human reason and rationality.

First of all, watching pornography is part of a wide business strategy. This is because pornography has been primarily established for profit. Individuals participating in pornography, either as a spectator or as an actor, are arguably exploited by pornographers for personal interests and profit. Usually, participants and actors in erotic scenes are underage and minors. These scenarios are obviously against the law. Yet, the pornography industry has been allowed by law since it caters to the private interests of most of their citizens. The government recognizes the demand for these types of needs.

Ethics depicts what is right and wrong. With the numerous ethical issues like sex addiction, masturbation and violent unfavorable behaviors faced by the pornography industry, drastic actions need to be taken. Even religious sectors condemn the victimization of children and women in the pornography industry. This happens when they are involved in a pornographic film.

These negative outcomes of pornography have made the matter a great subject of debate and questioning. As an ethical person, it is imperative that you take a stand against this issue to help solve this rampant problem in the society.

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