The Effects of Chronic Masturbation


-Masturbation is a physical and psychological process through which a person gets sexual pleasure without being involved in intercourse. It has both bad and good effects on the body of the masturbator. If the masturbation becomes chronic, then the negative effects supersede the positive sides of masturbation.

Chronic masturbation basically hampers the mental balance of a masturbator. A masturbator may start masturbating at an early age and can continue to masturbate throughout his entire life span. He or she then gets used to doing it habitually.

A chronic masturbator creates his/her own world where he/she lives alone. The masturbator cannot communicate with others especially of different genders. He/she feels hesitant to do it, perhaps because of guilt feelings. This also happens when a chronic or frequent masturbator happens to have intercourse. As the masturbator lives in a fantasy world, he/she finds a big of difference between imagination and fantasy. People of this type have common sexual feelings. But, when they try to have sexual intercourse, their inner sexual desires arise and they may fail to be aroused by regular sex. If this failing happens more than once, then masturbator may begin to feel fearful in future to have sex with a partner as they will begin imagining that they will fail to be aroused properly. This happens mostly to men.

Physically, chronic masturbation can tell upon the brain and body chemistry since it can overproduce sex hormones and neurotransmitters. This overproduction has different impacts on different people. It may cause pelvic pain, fatigue, testicular pain, vision changes, lower back pain, or hair loss.

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