The Different Negative Aspects of Addiction


-There is an old English proverb quoted frequently that “excess of everything is bad” and masturbation is no exception. Masturbation is considered a disgraceful activity that plays a significant role in lowering the self esteem of masturbation addict. Masturbation, also known as self-sex, is considered a selfish sexual activity that can often lead many to an addiction which can affect their lives adversely.

Excessive masturbation or masturbation addiction can create several negative effects in different parts of a person’s life. For one thing, it can affect a person physically. Conditions such as hair loss, poor eyesight, and weight loss are common side effects of masturbation addiction. Other people also experience genitourinary and hepato-biliary problems from excessive masturbation. But physical problems can be treated and are the least of an addict’s problems.

Some social effects of masturbation addiction include loss of interest in daily activities, poor work performance, and a disturbed family life. Many masturbation addicts appear to be shy, solitary, and mentally distressed a lot of the time. Depression is also a common consequence of excessive masturbation. Such social and mental effects can be harder to eliminate than the physical ones.

Finally, masturbation addiction can affect someone’s moral values, especially for those who feel very ashamed about what they’re doing or are religious. These feelings of guilt and ruined moral values can affect a person for their entire lives and be impossible to recover.

These negative effects that result from masturbation addiction are the reason why steps should be taken to quit it when one realizes that they have a problem. Seek help from a professional when you start to sense an addiction to masturbation forming.

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