The Devastating Effects of Pornography


-Pornography has tremendous devastating effects on those who continuously engage in it. It distorts one’s concept of sexual relation.

Through time, married individuals who engage in pornography are not satisfied with the intimate relationship with their spouses anymore. Hence, a relationship gap occurs between the husband and the wife. The spouse may not be aware of her partner’s pornography addiction, but he/she will eventually notice the changes in their relationship.

A porn-addicted person feels little or sometimes, no interest in family relations. He/she has only one thing to think, that is how to fulfill the sexual cravings and urges. Think of a man who is currently a porn addict. Seeing pornography again and again, he begins to fantasize different sexual acts. When he gets married, he will certainly apply his sexual fantasies with his new wife. Since porn addicts usually engage in bizarre sexual acts, the wife may not be able to perform these with him, and this creates a conflict in their new relationship. The ultimate results of this marriage will be extra-marital relation, distrust, betrayal, devastation, and anger. Eventually, these differences will result to the dissolution of the marriage.

If you are married with kids already, another problem can arise if your child happens to find your porn instruments, images, videos or magazines. It will definitely reshape his/her feeling of sex. The worst scenario will be when your child sees you masturbating while watching pornographic materials. Think of your child’s reaction to your actions. Will you be able to talk and explain to him what you have been doing?

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