The Dark Side of Masturbation


-By nature, masturbation is a selfish process. When you are masturbating, you need to stimulate yourself. You just need to think about yourself and what pleases you. There is nobody else who can participate in the process. When you are addicted to masturbation, you may become selfish in your social and familial life. If you have a spouse and are still addicted to masturbation, this may have a negative effect on your relationship. In those cases, you do not need your spouse to get sexual pleasure. It makes you avoid your partner. When you avoid sexual intercourse with your partner, obviously it creates a space between you and your partner. Gradually, the room becomes larger and the final result will be separation.

On the surface, masturbation may not seem very harmful as it is nothing but having some sexual pleasure by yourself. But if you think deeper, the black sides of masturbation will come out. It is the root of all kinds of sexual addiction like multiple affairs, sex with prostitutes, deviant sex, sexual abuse, and even rape.

A masturbation addict usually masturbates whenever he or she is alone. Random ejaculation is common to them and it makes them feel tired. They always feel drowsy at work or school because of this. Along with the body, masturbation also affects the soul and mind of the addicted person. An addicted person always looks for something which may arouse him or her. The addicted creates his or her own world and tries to live avoiding others. This mental disturbance gradually overwhelms the entire mind of the addicted. Masturbation addiction needs a proper treatment to remove the disturbance.

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