The Connection Concerning Masturbation Addiction and Self-love


-Masturbation addiction is sometimes called the self-love addiction. This addiction can be done by a person to get relief from some stress or anything that bothers him or her. This is why masturbation is linked to being a lonely act for a person to do. Masturbation is an act of pleasuring one’s self up to the point of an orgasm.

There are many things that can get people horny and sexually active. Some of these things can be through the influence of pornographic materials and even seeing a beautiful person naked or not. This can make a big difference once a person gets going and frequently does this masturbation act. After having an addiction like this, it can be very easy to please one’s self more often.

However, there might come a point in time when masturbating might not be pleasing anymore. It can become a huge problem, which can turn someone into a sexual predator. This will make a person lose control of his or her sexual urges and will certainly lay his or her life on the line just to release the sexual urge with the victim. After this has happened, your life will certainly change for the worse, bringing you more problems. Your own self-respect and pity will not matter as your only focus now is satisfying yourself in achieving your masturbation needs. Loving yourself more and ignoring the people around you will be one of the things that your masturbation addiction will surely bring. These are just some of the connections that masturbation addiction has with one’s self-love. Loving ourselves and disregarding others is just a silly thing to do.

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