The Bad Side of Masturbation Revealed


-Masturbation addiction is common in young teens as well as for adults who have a sexually active lifestyle. Masturbation is a sexual act where in people stimulates their sexual organ to a point of arousal and orgasm. It may be a form of release to countermand depression and yet it can be a very addicting vice when frequently done.

Having an orgasm can be stimulating for the senses but it can also lead the way to certain problems. One of the suffocating effects of having masturbation addiction is being more entwined with sex. Sex is a good thing but once it is abused and not controlled, it can certainly be more addicting than cocaine and alcohol. This will certainly lead to a struggle of control which is very hard to stop once neglected. Another suffocating effect of this addiction can be abandonment of your daily obligations to your family, your work and most of all to yourself.

When depression and addiction to masturbation becomes worse, you will certainly lose your self-respect and to those people around you. Your freedom will be taken from you and your masturbation needs will take over your life which will be very intimidating to control. It is hard to stop something that you have been doing for a long time.

It would certainly be more appreciated if you stop masturbating at an early time for you not to encounter these suffocating problems in the end. All you might just need is a little effort, motivation and time to battle this problem and you will certainly see the difference of living a life that is free from this addicting problem.

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