Tell-tale Signs of Student Pornography Addiction


-Every day, billions of students log on to the Internet for various purposes, out of which a certain number stumble upon pornographic images either by accident or by intention. Those visiting these websites by intention are already categorized in the addicts list, but those who visited it by accident have yet to decide their fate. They can choose from two paths; they can either close these dirty images instinctively or promise never to look back at them, while others can go on looking at more porn images and slowly climb the mountain to pornography addiction.

Teenage pornography addiction is the worst of all as it targets the young, growing and tender minds. They are enthusiastic to explore all areas which are forbidden to them. This ignorant and raw age needs to be sheltered instead of being exposed. However, many students are now embracing pornography addiction out of peer pressure and media exposure. Becoming a prey for this predator can have negative impacts on the inexperienced minds of the teenage students.

Falling grades are the first indicators. Tailing these are constant complaints from the schools or colleges for lack of concentration in the classroom, zero energy and faltering attention from all other extracurricular activities, nervousness, lack of confidence and short-term memory. All these are the symptoms of youth pornography addiction.

Porn addicts find it hard to concentrate on anything substantial. Teenage porn addicts can no longer participate in fun activities and games. They exist in their own private shell where no one can break them free until, and unless, they choose their freedom themselves. Their minds keep drifting to porn images, and they yearn for more until their craving is satisfied. This indefinite dependency and reliance on a forbidden source make the person an introvert.

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