Symptoms and Harmful Effects of Sexual Addiction


-Today’s generation is increasingly exhibiting all kinds of aggressive addictions, such as pornography addiction, sex addiction, masturbation addiction, and even prostitution addiction. Any addiction can have a detrimental effect on the addict due to its unlimited scope of negative symptoms, which badly affect a person’s health and lifestyle.

Some of the symptoms and harmful effects of sexual addiction are:

– The addict leads a dependent life. The continual quest for a sex partner to gratify uncontrollable sexual needs strains his financial resources and engaging in unsafe sex endangers his health.

– Excessive masturbation addiction can give rise to internet pornography addiction, which induces guilt and shame in the addict and causes him to become an introvert. His confidence is greatly diminished and his social status is at a risk of becoming next to none.

– Excessively employing pornography to ease sexual storms also makes a man forget his responsibilities towards his family. He starts living in a world of fantasy from which there is no exit. His behavior can pose a danger to all of his relationships.

– Engaging in sexual relationships with prostitutes puts a man’s morals at a great trial. This unethical mode of sexual gratification can crumble all his religious beliefs and practices and cast him down in his own eyes.

– Excessive masturbation addiction with or without the aid of pornography can cause erectile dysfunction in men and also poses a threat of premature ejaculation.

All types of obsessive sexual behavior are considered harmful to the self and others as addiction causes a person to behave abnormally and cross the path of limitations.

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