Stopping Masturbation: The Key to Joy


-Excessive masturbation results in multiple medical problems. A masturbation addict loses control over his or her sexual desires. When a person masturbates, he masturbates only for pleasure and sexual gratification. Because the person masturbating practices ejaculating as quickly as possible, premature ejaculation becomes a habit for them and a problem. In addition, erectile dysfunction, a medical problem in which a person fails to achieve an erection in order to engage in sexual intercourse, is prevalent in masturbation addicts. This causes insecurity in people that may dissuade them from engaging in regular sexual lives. Thus, masturbation addiction can be the root of marital problems for several couples and could eventually lead to separation or divorce.

A masturbation addict may gradually lose interest in orgasms. For them, masturbation becomes as normal an activity to urinating and defecating. These people fail to enjoy the real spirit of life. After achieving an orgasm, they’re only left with the feeling of absolute emptiness. Thus, a masturbation addict can find it difficult to enjoy sexual acts.

Stopping masturbation can rejuvenate the life of a person. He may start regaining an interest in life. His marital life may also become more satisfactory and the feeling of guilt can become replaced with self confidence.

A Word of Caution on Masturbation
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