Stopping masturbation: a step by step process


-If you are reading this article, you have actually taken the first step in solving your current problem. Yes, masturbation is a problem. When you are doing it excessively (2 or more times a day), or when your time is being consumed by it, or when instead of doing productive things you are locking your bedroom door to pleasure yourself, it is definitely something you should be concerned of. But do not frown. Encountering this article means you are in the right path to finding plausible solutions. And never feel self-pity because you are not the only one reading this article right now. You are not alone. Millions of men undergo the same crisis you have: the crisis on how stop masturbating. Here are a few tips on how to stop.

1. Identify the cause and destroy it! Common causes are boredom or loneliness, sexual dissatisfaction and lust. If you are masturbating because you feel bored or lonely, then find new hobbies and activities. You can always try new sports, read books, watch movies or go out drinking with your buddies. If you have a partner and you are not sexually satisfied in your relationship, open it up to her so you can together figure a way to make your sex lives better and hotter. You can spice up your intimate moments by going out on a vacation as if you are re-living your first date or honeymoon. You can also try the Theory of Inavailability, wherein you will make yourselves

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