Stop Masturbation Addiction


-Recent studies have shown that more than 90% of men and 70% of women masturbate regularly. This alarming figure is most commonly used to describe the increased rate of frustration and depression among the young population of the world. The most common provocation for masturbation is pornography addiction. Many critics say that separation from the social and ethical values that increase the chances of pornography addiction are the main factors promoting masturbation.

Despite medical practitioners saying that masturbation is not likely to cause permanent changes in your body, the need to quit masturbation remains high. Quitting masturbation is quite an ordeal. This might be true in the cases of young unmarried boys and girls but when we talk about married couples, masturbation is more manageable. In the latter case, masturbation must be considered as a deviation because they can get sexual release from their spouses.

Masturbation addiction will show its toxic effects once you have crossed the limit. Then the effects of persistent clumsy thoughts will keep on showing their effects during your daily activities. The ideal time to quit masturbation is the first time you realize that there’s a problem and want to go about with quitting it. Quitting masturbation can become quite difficult if you have been addicted to this act for a long time. Definitely, the most effective way to quit masturbation is by refraining from watching porn. Remember, the key thing once you’ve quit is to avoid relapsing. Getting rid of masturbation addiction is just like developing a habit. The longer you stay away from porn, the easier it becomes to avoid it.

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