Steps to Stop Masturbation Addiction


-Step 1: Evaluate the problem. You need to ask yourself a few questions like: Am I addicted to masturbation? Is masturbation addiction a problem? Should I try to get rid of masturbation addiction? Remember, while answering these questions you have to be true to yourself. There are alcoholics that think that using alcohol is not a problem. Definitely, you do not want to be one among them. First do some research and understand the side effects of masturbation addiction. This will help you in realizing the extent of your problem and you will understand the importance of quitting masturbation in a much better way.

Step 2: Evaluate yourself. Everyone has some weakness but you have to make sure that sex is not yours. Imagine yourself being manipulated by pornographic material or the tempting looks of a girl. You lose all self control and find yourself helpless in this quest. You will then see whether you’ve become a prisoner to masturbation. This should not be something that controls your life. You have bigger objectives in your life than masturbating all the time.

Step 3: Plan and Execute: Getting rid of masturbation addiction is not something that will come easily in a short period of time. You need to make up your mind, muster up some courage and make a complete plan on how to stop masturbation addiction. The execution of this plan should be perfect. For that you may set a small goals at first and encourage yourself by rewarding good progress.

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