Solving Masturbation Addiction: Mind over Physical Urges


-While alcohol addiction is well tolerated by society, porn and masturbation addiction cannot be ignored as they oppose morality and uprightness. Both kinds of addictions have the same kind of effects on the body. They both stimulate and give intense pleasure, but once the euphoric flames have died down the feelings of low self-esteem and despondence reign supreme.

Fortunately, there is a way out from this desolate and gloomy cycle of rapturous rushes followed by unhappiness and misery. As with alcohol inhibition, complete dominance over porn addiction can be gained gradually, and the body readjusts because our mind is a very powerful organ, which takes control of our physical actions. Anything is possible if we have a positive mental attitude.

A precise knowledge of our body’s mechanism will help in overcoming masturbation addiction. Our body releases two hormones: dopamine and prolactin. Dopamine excites us sexually and inhibits the release of prolactin and when we engage in proper sex, prolactin is released, suppressing dopamine and giving a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. Both work together in correlation. When engaging in proper sex as opposed to masturbating, more than 4oo% prolactin is released. This is the reason why addicts usually repeat the vicious cycle of sexual exploitation of the body to achieve that feeling of sexual pleasure.

The reward system of our body is usurped by masturbation addiction, and it is not able to achieve the sense of fulfillment and happiness. Therefore it is necessary that our thoughts direct our actions rather than our urges controlling our thoughts.

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