Short- and Long-term Effects of Masturbation


-Masturbation to porn could be one accepted fact nowadays. In this generation where rampant pornography is observed around us, masturbation became a libido regardless of what age bracket you belong. The pleasure it can provide to an individual is somehow becoming equal to a person undergoing sexual intercourse.

The recent news that has surfaced in the medical field today has brought a lot of questions to the people practicing masturbation. Studies showed that excessive masturbation brings up a lot of disorders physiologically and psychologically. When masturbating, a chemical imbalance happens within the person’s body, which in turn, results to connecting side effects.

Excessive masturbation causes fatigue, and thus, one feels weak all the time. Aside from that, stress and anxiety are being promoted with these kinds of acts. Body pains specifically at the lower back could be a main burden for people practicing addictive ejaculation or masturbation. Pain in the reproductive area is also felt for people who perform excessive masturbation, usually at a frequency of 4 to 5 times a week. Due to the chemical imbalance, gradual hair loss or thinning also starts to occur. In the long run, a weak erection or sexual response is observed because of muscles loosening up. Additionally, blurry vision or “eye floaters” usually occur. Although this health condition does not manifest until age thirty, a lot of younger people who masturbate will suffer from this at an earlier age.

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