Sam’s Story: The Tale of a Masturbation Addict


-This is a story of Sam. He started masturbating when he was only eight. His elder brother left his pc turned on for him to play a game. One day incidentally he found some porn videos. He watched them and was compelled to masturbate. From then on, whenever he felt stressed and worried, he took shelter in masturbation. Back then, he was not yet conscious of what he was doing. At the age of 14, he came to know the term “masturbation” but it did not stop him from to continuing it. He’d never imagined that masturbation would ever be considered an addiction. It was just something that made him feel good and he just wanted to experience the fun of it. After a while though, it became an addiction which his body constantly asked for. Upon reaching the age of 19, he realized that it was starting to destroy him. It often made him feel tired, it was affecting his relationship with his girlfriend, Angela, and most importantly it was destroying himself.

He never imagined that so many people could be suffering from the same addiction. Like other people, it also distracts him from his studies because the time he’s supposed to use for studying, he uses instead for masturbating. After masturbation, he claims he feels so tired that he does not have the energy to study anymore. He has now made the decision to stop masturbation and concentrate more on his studies. He wants to re-establish his relationship with Angela. To do this, he has been undergoing therapy with a psychologist and he is doing much better now.

The Dark Side of Masturbation
The Negative Side Effects of Excessive Masturbation