Recover and Resist the Lure of Pornography


-Many have been blessed because they have surpassed the great challenge of overcoming pornography in their lives. The time span from the process of recovery would range from a few months to years.

Unlike any other addiction like alcoholism, few support groups and programs are available for this kind of addiction. Support groups for alcoholics and chain smokers are readily located in the map while porn addiction support agencies are hard to find.

The prevention of this addiction starts by minimizing the frequency of this habit. Then, you have to acknowledge the fact that there really is a problem within you. The first person to initiate the recovery process is you. You need to be at least in full admission that you are an addict. Though admitting to a lot of people that you are a porn addict is shameful, there is no other way to start this rehabilitation process than to accept. Once your friends and family knew that you are part of a support group for porn addicts, your family and friends will be disappointed and somehow will be hurt with this truth. Do not worry, though because the outcomes and results will be worth it. This is for the development of one’s self emotionally, physically, and spiritually. In no time, your family and friends will be happy with the results and will love you even more.

Overcoming pornography is a courageous and brave act to do. Now, it’s up to you whether you control your addiction or you let it control you.

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