Reasons for Pornography’s Popularity


-So why are millions of people turning into pornography addicts? Are they not bothered by their conscience? Have they failed to fear their God and their ultimate fate? These are the questions usually asked by normal healthy people. But if you look at the perspective of a porn addict, you will be able to understand the root of their addiction.

An innocent boy is browsing the Internet for research material for school assignment. He sees an advertisement or accidently opens a porn site. These explicit porn images are enough to play tricks with his mind and sexual curiosity. He promises himself he will never view them again if he just takes one more peek to make sure that the pictures were not what he really saw. He experiences pleasure in viewing them but shuts down the computer hoping to forget the porn images from being etched on his mind. However, the brain has the tendency to go back to the factors which excite you most. The images keep popping up in his head and he finds it difficult to stay away from them. The more he visits his porn, the more he realizes what a great deal he has been missing.

This is one of the usual story of any porn addict and the spreading cause of pornography addiction. Pornography websites are so easy to access that anyone can view them at their convenience. This unethical freedom is the key reason for the slaying of innocent minds and hearts. This devil in the shape of growing technology is the factor which is negatively influencing the lives of so many people, and the only way to put a stop to this is to educate parents to keep tab on all their children’s activities on the Internet.

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