Reasoning Behind Pornography Addiction


-In modern times pornography has become a culture that it is not regarded positively. There are many reasons behind it. Addiction to pornography may be developed in one’s character from his childhood. The environment where a child is growing up may be responsible for it. If the child is growing up in a quarrelsome family and the child always sees the parents unhappy, there is a possibility that the child might turn to pornography or other vices for that matter.

Naturally, everyone needs sex and sex is one of the primary reasons why people marry or live together. But, when a child is growing up in such a family, there is likelihood that the child will not develop good constructive relationships. The child may turn to pornography to fulfill his sexual desires. Living in a family with rigid rules may be another cause of pornography addiction. From an early age, the child is already restricted of activities. And while going through adolescence, the repressed state of his or her mind bursts. The easiest way of getting sexual pleasure is pornography.

Feelings of abandonment may also lead him to pornography. If the child gets the feeling that he is basically a bad or unworthy person, he may find his pleasure in sex as well as pornography. Sexual abuse in childhood may be another reason for pornography addiction. Thus the heinous root of pornography addiction may be planted in one’s brain at his or her childhood. As time passes and the child becomes old enough, the type of sexual acts out may evolve. Now he can involve in promiscuity, affairs, visiting massage parlors or prostitutes, and even viewing child pornography.

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