Putting a Stop to Masturbation


-You must be thinking “Heck what is the connection between masturbation and dejection? Masturbation is the eraser of dejection and depression”. If this is what comes first to your mind, then draw the red flag. You have fallen under the powerful spell of masturbation addiction. Masturbation and porn addiction go hand in hand. If you are masturbating and reaching an orgasm alone, you are doomed to lead a life of eternal loneliness and misery.

Reaching an orgasm is no ordinary thing. It is not just a physical release of the energy, but it is a spiritual union and a euphoric state, which supersedes all emotions and places one at the peak of pleasure. It is the most powerful bond between two people who love each other and expect to give love and receive love in return. If this euphoric state is achieved alone with the help of porn videos and images, it ceases to be a moral action and can become the curse of life. This is because if you have once tried; it becomes an irresistible obsession. You start to lose connectivity and sympathy with other people. You are always sitting alone, with a feeling of despair that gnaws at your senses and makes you feel dirty and shameful.

You are continually afraid that someone, somewhere will discover your shocking masturbation addiction and will sever all ties with you or worst still this news can spread like fire. Masturbation addicts are irritable at all times. They are emotionally disoriented and feel that they are no longer loved. They are unable to face their peers, and a decrease in social activity draws them inwards. A feeling of wretchedness engulfs all their happy moments. If proper actions are not taken at the correct instant, masturbation addiction can dissolve their threads of happiness completely.

Theodore, a Masturbation Addict
3 Quick Steps to Getting Rid of Masturbation Addiction